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Welcome to the RolaxIT blog!

Welcome to the RolaxIT blog!


Welcome! We are a young company with a rich history. Although it may seem like a paradox, it reflects reality. RolaxIT is a tech start-up initiated by Gheorghe Rusu, a long-time entrepreneur in the local IT industry, associated with projects such as Interglob and Euroweb.

After several years of activity in the UK and collaboration with Amazon within the Alexa project, Gheorghe Rusu returned to Romania to promote the concept of conversational artificial intelligence and its application in the economy on the local market. This is how RolaxIt was born, a start-up dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and chatbots. The field has experienced a massive development, and today by combining several top technologies, we can develop chatbots that simulate a conversation with a human operator.

We believe that the applicability of chatbots is almost unlimited – wherever there is an internet or Intranet interaction with users, chatbots can contribute. We currently focus on restaurants, law firms, online stores, financial and insurance services, technical support services, tourism and the hotel and restaurant industry, etc.

On Rolaxit blog, you will find both informative articles about the evolution of the field and details about the projects and initiatives we were carrying out on the local market. You can also follow us on social media, but we will also be present at major profile events.

RolaxIT Team

Our mission is to promote and develop Artificial Intelligence and facilitate its use in the economy and society.

With headquarters in London and Bucharest , RolaxIT is a unique combination of experts, from seniors with a remarkable past in mathematics and invention, to young talents in the field of Artificial Intelligence and neural network programming .

We are a young and vibrant company, focusing on the application of the latest technology in business. Our competencies cover web , chatbot , voicebot , mobile , Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning .

We are part of an international ecosystem and have partnerships with the most relevant names in the IT and Artificial Intelligence industry.
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