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Transcript audio to text Services

Perfect transcript audio to text for meetings, lectures, interviews… any kind of audio , really.

State of the art A.I. working side by side with the best professional transcriptionists

Automatic Transcription


$8 / hour

transcribe, translates, editing

up to 98-100%  accuracy


100% Human-Made Transcription



transcribe,  editing

99% – 100% accuracy

24 hours for an hour file

Human translation


$15/ page

translate text and document files

99% – 100% accuracy


Ready to start ?

Have you a large project?

How does automatic transcription work?

How does our human  transcription service work?

Securely upload your audio/video file to The clearer the audio, the better the accuracy.

With our uploader, you can import your file from anywhere, whether it’s on your laptop, Google Drive, Youtube, or Dropbox. 

Once your audio/video file is uploaded and your payment goes through, we’ll transcribe your audio to text using A.I.

With our human service, your file will be transcribed and proofread by an expert and delivered with 99%-100% accuracy.

Finally, we’ll email you and you  can download the result or edit and polish your transcription to perfection!

Access your transcript from the dashboard.

You can translate the transcript into over 120 languages.

Receive an email when the file has been transcribed within 24 hours (for 1-hour file).

Access your transcript from the dashboard.

You can export to TXT, DOCX, PDF, SRT, VTT and many more. It’s that easy to get your files transcribed!

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transcript audio to text

What might be recorded for transcript audio to text?

  • Business meetings
  • Journalist interviews
  • Notes from doctors and other healthcare providers
  • Court hearings, legal cases, and attorney notes
  • Academic lecture notes
  • Events, speeches and seminars

Depending on how it will be used, an audio transcription may include more than the words. It could also indicate your audio recordings pauses, music, and other sounds in the conversation or background.

What are the benefits of transcript audio to text?

The first benefit is speed

When you use an online on-demand transcription service like Scriptoman, you can get a transcription back in a matter of hours.

The second benefit is convenience.

It’s time-consuming to attempt transcription on your own. You can’t always catch what was said, and unless you’re a professional, it’s unlikely you have the software or skills to filter, equalize and adjust the tempo when the recording quality is poor. All these things are possible with a professional online transcription service.

In our editor, you can edit the text, highlight the most important parts, rename your speakers and adjust the timestamps. This is 5-10 times faster than listening to the audio and typing the text yourself. If you have a high volume of audio or simply do not have time to review the text yourself, order the manual services and receive your files ready in a few days. Rush order and translated subtitles are also possible.

Export your audio/video file to your favourite text format

We support multiple text formats you can export and download your file in:

.docx – Microsoft Word file format
.json – JavaScript Object Notation
.srt – SubRip Subtitle file
.vtt – Web Video Text Tracks
.txt – Plain text file

                                    Supported Languages

                                                                        Below is the list of popular languages we support for transcription.


No limits on uploads

Upload files of any size and length. Our software supports them all.

Multiple Export Formats

We provide exports in TXT, DOCX, PDF and more.

Edit Starting Timecode

By providing the starting timestamp, you can decide when the transcription starts.

APIs & Integrations

Seamlessly integrate with your favourite applications: Zapier, Youtube, and more.

Built-in browser Editor

Increase accuracy through the built-in browser editor

Security & Confidentiality

All files are protected and remain private. Your transcripts are protected.

Translate your transcription

Our  translator will generate the translation of your transcription within a minute.