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The Hotel Industry Chatbots: Revolutionizing Guest Experiences with Unparalleled Benefits

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The Hotel Industry Chatbots: Revolutionizing Guest Experiences with Unparalleled Benefits

Chatbot systems are about to make a real revolution in The hotel industry, an area where the quality of services and the level of customer support are essential. Artificial intelligence in the hotel industry is a smart technology. Obviously, the field of ” hospitality” must excel in everything that means customer relations, beyond the number of stars or daisies and the value for money. Hospitality, not just etymological, means providing the best customer experience, from friendly staff to a website with explicit information and easy booking. Whether it is a large hotel, a hostel or an agrotourism guesthouse, the need for customers to stay informed and connected remains just as important. 

There are many aspects that matter in creating a positive customer experience, and technology helps a lot in this effort. Using a chatbot is a good solution and brings more satisfaction and efficiency in communication. In short, a chatbot is a software program that mimics the way people interact. Basically, integrating a chatbot into your website or booking system can bring you a 24/7 reception, with consistent real-time responses to any inquiries. Here we can already talk about extra hospitality.

Chatbots and software robots as an alternative to the staffing crisis

The labor shortage is currently the biggest challenge for the hospitality industry, says the Federation of the Hotel Industry in Romania (FIHR). One of the proposed solutions is the import of staff, but just as well a chatbot can be a solution. In the hotel industry, a large number of employees manage back office operations, ie: reservation requests, order confirmations, changes and cancellations, payment documents, etc. Customers do not see this effort, but they have high expectations in terms of reaction speed and lack of errors.

The ” hotel booking ” chatbot from the RolaxiIT bookstore offers support for booking a room, by explicitly presenting the offers available based on user requirements, offers discounts and special prices that can be applied on certain channels or on certain days, sends notifications to departments responsible, automatically runs follow-up campaigns to customers who have requested a quote or have already contracted a package of services.

Chatbots are an important aid to marketing because they have the ability to collect information about prospects (obviously according to GDPR). This will allow you to better profile your customers, generate more and more attractive campaigns, or run a customer loyalty program. In addition, the chatbot can conduct customer opinion polls to get real feedback on the quality of services offered and propose measures accordingly.

Chatbot as a source of information and artificial intelligence in the hotel industry

When people travel, they need information, and lack of it generates frustration and negative experiences. That’s why using a chatbot is the best way to quickly and efficiently spread useful information to customers. Chatbot is available 24/7, can handle multiple conversations at once, is fast, doesn’t take a cigarette break, and doesn’t take medical leave. Why let customers wait when a chatbot can process hundreds of interactions? On the phone, on the website or on any social media channel, it means that you can satisfy all the customers who need information, without making them wait unnecessarily.

The ” hotel booking ” chatbot in the Rolaxit bookstore is practically a virtual assistant that provides information about the hotel / pension, etc., program, services, activities, facilities… both when making the reservation and after check-in. The range of information provided is customizable, as well as the type of interface required (wesite, mobileapp, social media)

Gain quality and efficiency

In both reception and back office, a chatbot is able to handle hundreds of interactions simultaneously, 24/7 with a minimum error rate. Whether we are talking about booking processing or providing information, the availability of a chatbot and the reaction time are superior to a human agent. Thus, the organization will gain time and efficiency, and customers will benefit from consistency and promptness. In addition, at the marketing level, the chatbot can make a relevant contribution by conducting opinion polls or follow-up campaigns. All this contributes to the expansion of chatbot tasks and a faster return on investment.

Major opportunities in a market at the beginning of the road

Before writing this article, I checked the pages of some representative hotels in Bucharest and several cities in the country. In all cases, the interaction with the customers is limited to a dry contact form and a simple confirmation that the message has been sent.

No real-time information or any other form of conversation. In most cases, the phone remains the main communication channel, everything is not to sound busy ….

The technology brings major opportunities for the Romanian hotel industry or for hospitality in general, including other organizations in the field (restaurants and travel agencies, for example). Take a step forward and automate customer interaction with a RolaxIT chatbot . Contact us for a detailed discussion of requirements and a quote.

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