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Transcription with Automatic and Human  editing audio video files

the service transcribes and edits the resulting text for audio / video files. The accuracy of the transcript is over 90%, and depends on the quality of the recording.

From any audio / video source in Romanian and 37 other languages, respecting the orthographic and orthoepic rules, offering the highest level of quality

  • Editor Scriptoman

Editing transcripts of audio / video recordings and obtaining files in .txt, docx, pdf, srt, Jason formats – other formats can be obtained on request

  • Human Editing
    Human Transcription Services: 99% Accurate, Fast Turnaround, & Most Affordable Rates Online.



Mobile Transcription App: How to Convert voice to Text On-the-Go

Our Scriptoman, transcription app, is there for you whenever and wherever you need it to be. In a world that is constantly moving, changing, and becoming more advanced, it’s easier than ever to make life more efficient thanks to mobile technology. With a powerful transcription app for Android, students at any education level, business professionals, legal groups, medical practitioners, researchers, and journalists can access fast, accurate and affordable transcription services anywhere. 

Text to Speech

Text to voice – videobot services


Translation and Edit

Automatic translation services

  • Translation in 110 languages

For txt, srt files, as well as for audio / video transcripts processed by Scriptoman

  • Long-term archiving services

For files processed or not, on the Scriptoman platform

Intelligent Agents

Built on Machine Learning / Deep language algorithms and neural network models / artificial intelligence, a chatbot is software that can engage in human-like conversations. They are adapted to the requirements of any economic vertical: Health, Legal, E-commerce, Banking, Real Estate, Education, HR and recruitment, Tourism.

Application developed by RolaxIT for extracting and abstracting documents

  • Analysis tools for bank loans

AI and Machine Learning-based tool that uses mathematical algorithms to assess credit risk (score)




RolaxIT provides services for the entire life cycle of a chatbot, so that your business can get the most out of using this technology.