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Human transcription service – 100% excellent accuracy

Human transcription service – 100% excellent accuracy


Human Transcription Services: 99% Accurate, Fast Turnaround, & Most Affordable Rates Online.

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Interviews, meetings, podcasts – the list of conversations that a business might need to be transcribed goes on and on. When it’s time to have something transcribed, there are two options from which to choose, human transcription service or automated transcription service!

Human transcription is recommended over automated transcription services when you:

Want a high-quality transcript from the start to share with stakeholders, use for research, or convert to captions.

Have hard-to-transcribe audio — in other words, poor audio quality, audio with distracting background noise, multiple speakers, cross talk, speakers with unclear accents, speakers who talk quietly, or speakers who use a lot of jargon words that computers may not understand.

Have long recordings with a lot of speakers and need better assurance that all speakers are labelled correctly (without having to review and re-assign speakers yourself).

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Are working with sensitive or confidential video or audio files and prefer to have  professionals transcriptionist manage that content.

We can guarantee 99% accuracy and quick turnaround — regardless of the length of your recording or the human transcription option you choose