How to use an HR chatbot to help poor people?

HR chatbot

How to use an HR chatbot to help poor people?

Hundreds of thousands of employees are currently working remotely, as a result of recommendations made by the authorities. HR chatbot can solve all these works.

However, the new work pattern generates a wave of new interactions between employees and employers. Human resources are in most cases the hub that connects the entire organization and to which most of the employee requests are addressed. Unfortunately, this hub is poorly digitized, and 70% of HR departments’ working time is spent on administrative and transactional tasks (according to ), ie responding to requests and completing documents.

In most cases, employees storm the “Personnel” department, which is quickly overwhelmed by the situation. However, HR chatbot systems can handle these interactions more efficiently, in an automatic way that eliminates much of the phone calls and emails sent to HR. Depending on the complexity and level of integration with other HR management, Payroll and Timekeeping solutions, chatbot systems can cover many work scenarios. From a general perspective they can be grouped into three categories: Information (essentially answers to questions) Transactions (completion of documents) Organizational culture (education and opinion polling).

How can an HR chatbot help?

A comprehensive approach to HR processes with a chatbot system is neither recommended nor easy to accomplish. That’s why we recommend transferring simple and well-defined tasks to chatbots. Here’s how a RolaxIT HR chatbot can help you with this process and how to reduce the growing pressure on your company’s HR department:

  • Answer general questions about changing working conditions, labor laws, or new business activity
  • Takes over the submission of applications and forms and assists employees in completing them (requests for leave, timesheets, days off, shift change)
  • Receives requests for the issuance of documents (certificates of income for the bank) for the collection of certain benefits or application for certain programs and projects
  • Allows you to automatically fill out questionnaires and opinion polls
  • Send notifications when applications are approved
  • Retrieve and update employee data
  • Provides answers to the Frequently Asked Questions section and directs users to company-specific internal procedures and rules

Occasionally, chatbots can also be used to run certain programs for informing, raising awareness, educating employees. There are companies that have used chatbots for education campaigns against racism or sex discrimination.

In most companies, HR Departments are undersized, and the use of a chatbot helps a lot to relieve the team and increase the quality and promptness of the services offered, etc. HR departments spend a few hours a day receiving requests from employees and completing documents. If these tasks are transferred, even partially, to a chatbot system, the resulting savings justify the investment in technology. Also, the use of a chatbot extends the HR department’s schedule to a 24/7 regime, which is very important for a team that works remotely and will certainly have an inhomogeneous pace and work schedule. One advantage is that users can interact with RolaxIT chatbots on any channel available: website, intranet portal, mobile application, etc.

As you can see, there are benefits for all parties involved (business, HR staff, employees), which leads us to believe that chatbots will become an intrinsic part of any HR Department in the coming years. They could allocate only 30% for administrative and transactional tasks, which would allow a focus on personnel policies, increase the quality of recruitment, etc. A recent survey by ServiceNow (a global HR consulting and application company) shows that 75% of the 350 HR specialists surveyed consider it very beneficial to use an HR chatbot in relation to employees, to provide information and take requests. .

Also, keep in mind that chatbots do not replace people but help them to work more easily and efficiently. Read also Recommendations to keep in mind when implementing a chatbot , it definitely helps.

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