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Chatbot-uri cu aplicare in industria hoteliera

The use of chatbots in the hotel industry covers for a wide range of services, from searches for accommodation (according to various criteria: location, period, price, etc.), booking, check-in/check-out, replies to inquiries for specific services, to sending messages to customers to advise them of any changes occurred, or making sightseeing, restaurant or transport recommendations, etc....

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Chatbot-uri pentru restaurante

The restaurants that use chatbot solutions have their customer satisfaction boost rapidly further to provision of a full range of booking and event promotion services, special offers, presentation of the gastronomic offer, making recommendations based on various criteria, taking-up orders for delivery services, feedback registration (with automated reminder functions), launching of loyalty campaigns, etc....

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Chatbot-uri pentru magazine online

The chatbot systems designed for e-commerce help streamline and speed-up the purchase processes, providing 24/7 accessibility, and taking some of the load off the staff. Thanks to chatbots, customers enjoy real-time advice, fast product identification, customized offers and promotions devised based on the purchase history, shopping basket management, streamlined payment processes, etc....

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Chatbot-uri pentru industria bancara si companiile de asigurari

The financial and banking institutions and the insurance undertakings use chatbots to provide customers with account data (IBAN, current balance, etc.), information about installments, interests and payment due dates, support in opening of a new account, the lending process and insurance policy simulations, etc. Furthermore, chatbots are also used to run customized marketing campaigns, and measure customer satisfaction....

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Chatbot-uri pentru clinicile medicale

When it comes to healthcare, chatbot systems are used to the benefit of both healthcare staff and patients. Thus, doctors are able to rapidly access patient reports and data about post-surgery recovery, and assess responses to treatment, update the examination list, etc. In their turn, patients are provided detailed information about specializations and services available, examination hours, accepted payment and insurance systems, and can book...

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Chatbot-uri pentru departamentele de resurse umane HR

Chatbot solutions are used increasingly more to manage human resources. For the time being, chatbots are not only used to receive and record job applications, supply usual information and take-over employee feedback or inquiries, but are able to perform also archiving, offering, notice giving, etc. operations. Moreover, the new generations of chatbots may perform preliminary job interviews, thus helping expeditiously address the personnel needs....

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Chatbot-uri penru agentii de turism

The chatbot systems used in tourism streamline customer registration to tourist operations, thus ensuring provision of destination search services, customer acquisitions, presentation and selection of the available transport alternatives, booking and confirmation, payment acceptance services, making of recommendations and suggestions, etc. With the help of chatbots, agents may devise customized campaign and have the customer feedback and options recorded automatically....

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Chatbot-uri pentru domeniul educatiei

In education, the chatbot solutions help customize the education processes, thus facilitating the teacher/professor grading processes and school offer evaluation, and streamline recruitment of new students and getting them acquainted with the administrative formalities, curricula and school culture. These solutions are applied to ensure support and interactivity for the eLearning solutions, new generations of chatbots being used also to teach and learn foreign languages....

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