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Cutting costs

Why choose a human agent when a RolaxIT chatbot is able to answer equally straightforward, fast and efficient to all customer questions? Whether we speak about support services, marketing or online sales, the savings are impressive.

Foster Automation

Remove manual labor from the most common user workflows. Automate your helpdesk, customer support, onboarding, online sales, etc. processes for maximum efficiency and resilience.

Lead generation

Sell your standard products and services in a chatbot-supported conversation that would be 100% compliant with a business process structuring.

Collect information

Get to know your customers better using Artificial Intelligence and language processing

Customize client interaction

Customer communication has never been easier or more relaxing. The RolaxIT chatbot systems allow high customization of your dialogue with customers, according to the business specifics and the targeted segment profile

Expand operation to 24/7

Your business will now operate around the clock thanks to the RolaxIT chatbot. Why limit your customers’ options when your employees are on holiday, or during weekends?

Don’t think twice! Discover the economic benefits of using a chatbot right now

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One chatbot for every company

Our specialists have developed conversational intelligence systems and virtual assistants for the most common use scenarios.

Whether your business is a Restaurant, a healthcare facility, or you simply want to automate the user interaction with the HR Department or the Customer Support Servic, RolaxIT provides you with a customized chatbot. This ensures maximum user satisfaction and a fast return to your investment. Discover right now some of the fields covered by our chatbots.