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Chatbots market is Miraculous, 4 Powerful Reasons for Phenomenal Growth

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Chatbots market is Miraculous, 4 Powerful Reasons for Phenomenal Growth

4 reasons why the number of chatbots users is miraculously increasing

They are docile, they learn quickly, they work overtime, they don’t ask for extra money for overtime and no rest, free or “medical” holidays With such qualities, it is no wonder that chatbots market have begun to be “employed” everywhere: from banks and insurance companies, universities and hospitals, to restaurants, hotels and travel agencies. And chatbots market will experience a great development in the coming years. Chatbots market is expanding in all areas. Everyone wins: “employer” companies make substantial savings and reduce the burden on employees. And end customers benefit from prompt responses to requests and personalized interactions.

Consulting companies are competing to make optimistic forecasts of the chatbots market annual growth rate for the next five years:

  • 24,3% – Grand View Research;
  • 27% – Research Corporation;
  • 29,7% – Allied Market Research;
  • 30,9% – Reports and Data; 
  • 34,75% – Mordor Intelligence.

The jump in value clearly demonstrates an increase in chatbot  market demand, with companies increasingly interested in the benefits. And they can get from using chatbot systems. In chatbot and email market  there more factors to increase in future. Here, in short, are the main reasons why organizations are currently adopting this type of solution:

• They are functional 24/7

Unlike human “competitors”, chatbot solutions have the advantage of being able to take customer requests quickly and on time at any time and any day of the week. And its do this without asking for overtime, days off, sick leave or rest. As its being available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, organizations can manage more activities and interact with more customers.

• • They are more effective than people

Studies show that “human staff” can only focus on 3-4 things at a time. And multi-tasking is not a problem for chatbot solutions. They can record contact information, take requests, answer questions, give suggestions, transfer interactions to a human operator, perform simple operations, guide customers, … And all this while interacting with thousands of interlocutors, without affecting their efficiency, without making mistakes and without getting angry(see


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• Generates consistent savings

By reducing staff load levels, chatbot solutions ensure consistent savings, which increase in value. As training levels evolve (the more “smart” chabtots become, the more they can cover more activities and requests). . McKinsey Consulting estimates that organizations can save up to 29% by “hiring” chabtot solutions in their Customer Service departments. 

Even in HR departments, a chatbot can work wonders, given that, on average, 75% of applications for positions available within a company do not meet the requirements clearly stated in the job description. On the other hand, by increasing the number of interactions, more potential customers can be contacted. For example, a chatbot that serves a company’s website can “converse” with thousands of visitors at a time, increasing the likelihood of lead generation. considerable.

• • Improve customer relations

The fact that you are constantly in touch with and in touch with your customers, even with chatbot solutions, helps you to improve your relationship with them. For example, statistics show that almost 80% of customer requests in support centers are repetitive requests, which address common issues. In such cases, customers – even if they know that they are interacting with a non-human interlocutor – are satisfied that they receive prompt responses, without having to wait in line or send emails that will be answered. an unspecified date. 

On the other hand, chatbot solutions can identify customers much faster than human operators.  And can be set to automatically customize communication with them using contact details, purchase history, social media interactions, etc. An Accenture report shows that if a chatbot uses customers’ first names when addressing them to offer personalized suggestions. 91% of them are willing to make the recommended purchases.


In chatbots market the list of earnings from using chatbot solutions is constantly expanding. With new usage scenarios emerging in different industries every day (go to for the list of RolaxIT chatbots). If you want to take advantage of these benefits in your company, contact us as soon as possible. Chatbots market is expanding in all areas