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Chatbot cost, is a simple question ?

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Chatbot cost, is a simple question ?

This is a simple question that we hear from most customers: how much does the chatbot cost? Deserve a chatbot?

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a conversational software that allows companies to communicate with their audiences instantaneously and in a personalized way without having to cut back on automation. Most people associate intelligent chatbots with AI. However, AI is not essential to creating a smart, functional bot.It is justified by the curiosity about a new technology, but especially by the desire to understand the financial effort involved in using a chatbot and a cushioning projection.Obviously, the structure and cost of a chatbot can vary greatly, depending on the goals of the recipient. Because the chatbot is not a plug and play product, building one involves several steps. In weight and effort these are:Establishing the functions to be performed, 5% Realization of the flowchart that defines the structure of the chatbot for the accomplishment of the proposed functions, 15% Analysis and choice of models and methods to be used to make the chatbot, 10% Execution of programming works and connection with the programming environment in which the chatbot will work, 40% Chatbot training, 20% Customer implementation, 10%Depending on the project, each of these steps may receive more attention. In addition, the structure of a chatbot can generate a wide variety of costs for design, development, testing, and training.Those built on platforms such as Chatfuel, Manychat and based on a series of templates cost hundreds of euros. They are simple, do not require programming, but only a few integrations with various online services. For example, Zapier allows integration with over 1500 apps (Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Sheets would be the most common, but you can access the full list at On the same principle, the cost increases for chatbot systems that have a custom back-end and are connected to business solutions with dedicated databases. It involves a much higher volume of work on each of the stages mentioned above, which costs more than 2-3,000 euros.www,botmaakers.netThe next level of complexity and cost is integration with tools such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ClickFunnels, HubSpot, MailChimp, Marketo, Infusionsoft and e-commerce platforms such as Squarespace, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Unbounce, Mailgun, etc. Also, the addition of Artificial Intelligence features, which can automate the answers to a number of 20-50 questions, increases both the complexity and the cost associated with the chatbot. From this level, the value of a project exceeds 10-15,000 euros and can be easily doubled, if the beneficiary wants integration with business applications, and the chatbot becomes part of an extended system, which offers not only operational but also decision support. , through Business Intelligence and reporting tools. Such projects last several months and involve teams with a heterogeneous structure: software architect, developer, business consultant, etc.As a market approach, in the case of Rolaxit there is a reference price for each of the 120 chatbots in the portfolio, to which are added costs for customization and adaptation to specific customer requirements. The operation of the chatbot, which also includes its training, is done through a monthly subscription, which also covers maintenance services. So it’s a monthly subscription, not a license.In conclusion, the usage scenarios are multiple, and the question “How much does a chatbot cost ?, although simple, cannot have a single answer. More than the cost itself, it would be useful for a potential beneficiary to know what the amortization rate of the chatbot is. How big is the impact on business and how fast is the return on investment?Follow the Rolaxit blog below, we’ll come back with a post on this topic.
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