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Car Insurance – Elevating Protection to New Heights in the 21st Century!

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Car Insurance – Elevating Protection to New Heights in the 21st Century!

Visual artificial intelligence is a computer science discipline that trains machines to make sense of images and visual data the same way people do, and has strong contributions in several fields such as: car insurance, healthcare, sports, automotive. With the help of visual AI, machines don’t just see –they are also able to understand and perceive the meaning behind images in accordance with how the algorithm is trained.

For example, they may be able to categorize objects within an image and understand if each object is a table, a chair, or a lamp, just as a person would, by comparing them to images they have previously “seen.” Visual AI is also the technology that enables facial recognition, visual search, QR code scanning, and more.

Visual AI’s various industry applications and car insurance:

The advancement of visual AI has enabled the development of new technologies for a variety of industries, including healthcare, security, sports and entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, retail (more on that later), and more. Here’s a look at the innovation we’re already seeing:

  • Healthcare: The impact of visual AI on healthcare is extensive. It is applied in medical imaging analysis, report automation, and to enable more efficient and accurate diagnosis.
  • Security and surveillance: The growth of surveillance cameras has outpaced the ability of humans to monitor them. Visual AI helps with crowd and behavior analysis, people and object tracking, the identification of disorderly behavior, and more.
  • Sports and entertainment: In the world of sports, teams and coaches use visual AI to analyze the performance of players, create three-dimensional simulations for refereeing, and gauge fan mood and engagement.
  • Manufacturing: Visual AI is one of the technologies supporting Industry 4.0 with applications such as package inspection, predictive maintenance, robotics, and defect detection and reduction.
  • Automotive: In addition to autonomous and semi-autonomous driving, other uses of visual AI in the automotive industry include driver behavior analysis, traffic management, as well as safety and preventive measures, such as the detection of pedestrians.
  • Consumer electronics: Apple’s face detection and augmented reality, which enable users to unlock phones and create personalized emojis, are everyday examples of visual AI in the consumer electronics vertical. Similar use cases can be found on social media platforms, like TikTok and Instagram.
  • Insurance: In car insurance is accelerate claims decisions with machine learning algorithms and digital tools that help policyholders report damages more accurately, predict total loss, and send the vehicle to the most qualified repairer. Empower your estimators based on repair science, AI-enabled solutions, and accurate vehicle-repair data that increases productivity, standardizes repair decisions, and reduces cycle times. For car insurance is a new evolution.