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Communications and new comer Artificial Intelligence


Communications and new comer Artificial Intelligence

Communications services are one of the most sensitive areas in terms of customer relations. Modern consumers have become increasingly demanding, wanting real-time interaction, paperless contractual relationships, and instant answers. That’s why long queues in the call center, limited IVRs as options as well as visits to physical stores are elements that affect the customer experience. For such challenges, we have prepared a series of services based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. More specifically, it is about chatbot systems that take over the load of Contact Center operators and manage relatively common tasks, as well as services for automatically transcribing conversations with customers and archiving them for audit and marketing purposes.

Chatbot systems for call centers in communications

The multi-channel strategy adopted in the call center industry and the extension of customer interaction beyond the classic telephone, have not led to a reduction in pressure on operators. The load has been steadily increasing, especially in areas where the number of customers has reached millions. The reality captured by social media conversations reflects customers who are finding it increasingly difficult to respond to requests and questions. Call waiting, technical issues, personalized offers, activation of services, etc.… The management of these issues invariably blocks the activity in the contact centers, which are based more on the available human resources than on technology. However, technology can make a difference. Here are some activities a RolaxIT chatbot can handle for a communications operator.
  • Incident management.  When a problem arises, customers can easily be directed to a chatbot (on the website or on social media pages) that manages these interactions, in whole or in part. The chatbot retrieves customer data, creates the service voucher, and generates the workflow needed to resolve the issue. Employees will be assigned tasks in a structured way, grouped into categories, to have visibility into the nature of the issues and to understand priorities.
  • Alert and information.  When problems arise in the performance of services, the chatbot automatically notifies all consumers who arrive on the site or social media pages about the current situation and the deadlines. Depending on the systems it is connected to, the chatbot can present from the due date of an invoice to the change of some contractual conditions.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions.  Many customers have the same questions, which can be posted in a FAQs section (Frequently Asked Questions) but which is often hidden in the site menu and is relatively impersonal. But a chatbot visible from any page is a simple, effective solution and induces a quasi-personal interaction, especially in combination with an inspired name and a nice avatar.
  • Directing customers to the responsible departments.  According to the well-known pattern in the call center “for sales press 1, for service press 2” the use of a chatbot can do this sorting on the site or on the social media page of a company. Clients are directed to the most suitable interlocutors both depending on the issues presented and the availability of resources.

These are the simplest scenarios, depending on the requirements of the beneficiaries, chatbot systems can integrate superior elements of Artificial Intelligence and NLP to understand the context and provide the most relevant information.

Conversations with customers automatically turned into text files

Call Centers regularly record communications with customers, mainly for legal reasons, but also for employee training. However, audio files are more difficult to archive and analyze, even if there are technologies in this regard. The answer to this challenge is  Scriptoman , the audio transcription and translation service I recently released.

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Audio-video file processing is very fast (up to half the recording time) and features are available with both a monthly subscription and a perpetual license. Translated into text format, customer conversations can be easily analyzed, and relevant passages can be quickly identified by keyword searches. If there is a specific language, specialized terms, product names, acronyms, etc. can be added to the Scriptoman platform. Such functionalities are useful both for legal activities, correlating a client’s acceptance with certain contractual provisions, and for training and marketing. For more details about Scriptoman visit the dedicated site

Regardless of the field of activity, customer relations are irreversibly marked by social media and mobility. The modern consumer needs prompt answers, anytime and on any channel he feels comfortable. This attitude poses challenges for the profile departments, but the technology offers the necessary solutions. We are at your disposal for the use of chatbot systems in customer relations as well as for automatic transcription and translation services of audio-video recordings.

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