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If you had to " hire " a chatbot in your company to take over from the customer service department, what would you choose - a "classic", rule-based one, or an "advanced" one that uses artificial intelligence? Of course, the temptation is great and most would lean towards "smart" chatbots, able to understand various requests, to dynamically adapt their answers, to learn on their own, etc...

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Welcome! We are a young company with a rich history. Although it may seem like a paradox, it reflects reality. RolaxIT is a tech start-up initiated by Gheorghe Rusu, a long-time entrepreneur in the local IT industry, associated with projects such as Interglob and Euroweb.After several years of activity in the UK and collaboration with Amazon within the Alexa project, Gheorghe Rusu returned to...

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chatbot scheme

What is a chatbot? Built on Machine Learning / Deep language algorithms and neural network models / artificial intelligence, a chatbot is software that can engage in human-like conversations. Conversations with users are conducted through a chat interface, using text or voice / auditory methods.Advances in artificial intelligence and the complementary components of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) lead to the construction of...

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