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Transcription audio to text on MobileTranscription audio to text on Mobile: Interview transcription is a tool that is growing more and more in popularity. An interview is known as the conversation between two or more persons who are in the role of interviewer and interviewee, for the former to get information about a particular issue from the latter. In every interview there are two roles:...

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The activity to ensure the human resources needed to carry out the organizations' projects is carried out in several steps:- recruitment,- employment- selection- integrationThe activity has a generic name human resource. Human resources with artificial intelligence technology is really useful human resources manager for the management of human resources jobsa) Recruitment is done in the following ways:- Specialized recruitment sites- The companies' websites – the...

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If you like Sci-fi movies, you must have been paying attention to the technologies that appeared in those movies. And as time goes on, you've noticed that some of those technologies have started to find their way into real life. It seems like we've always had touchscreens, health-monitoring watches, and a few other cool things and useful apps. Also, from this series and thanks to...

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automatic farmer

Agriculture is the mainstay occupation in many countries worldwide and with rising population, which as per UN projections will increase from 7.5 billion to 9.7 billion in 20501, there will be more pressure on land as there will be only an extra 4% of land, which will come under cultivation by 2050. This means that farmers will have to do more with less. According to...

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