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Gheorghe Rusu, the founding president of the Association for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, is a man who moved Romania and the world.He participated in the realization of the first computer manufactured in Romania and in numerous projects with implications in all branches of Romanian society, from operational research to leading technological processes in major projects in Romania.He was the initiator of several legislative regulations for...

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Communication services are one of the most sensitive areas in terms of customer relations. Modern consumers have become increasingly demanding, wanting real-time interaction, paperless contractual relationships, and instant answers. That's why long queues in the call center, limited IVRs as options as well as visits to physical stores are elements that affect the customer experience. For such challenges, we have prepared a series of services...

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The queues at the counters of public institutions in Romania have surprisingly disappeared. But do not rejoice prematurely, it is not a success of digital transformation, but an effect of recent military ordinances and social distancing. Digitization is a constant goal for public authorities in Romania. And if in recent years investments have been directed mainly to IT infrastructure (hardware, applications, databases) it is expected that in the...

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Requests for support / support have grown exponentially in the last month, for most companies that interact directly with customers / the public. In Romania, online sales have increased by values ranging from 25% (traditional retailers) to 300% (sports equipment suppliers) and even 7-800%, in the case of companies that deliver food at home. We've selected a few customer support activities that can be quickly...

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The popularity of chatbots is growing. There is a lot of communication on this subject, but the content available online is mainly focused on the area of benefits that can be obtained using such solutions. The problem with this type of message is that, on the one hand, it sets unrealistic expectations among potential end customers, and on the other hand it does not help...

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If you had to " hire " a chatbot in your company to take over from the customer service department, what would you choose - a "classic", rule-based one, or an "advanced" one that uses artificial intelligence? Of course, the temptation is great and most would lean towards "smart" chatbots, able to understand various requests, to dynamically adapt their answers, to learn on their own, etc...

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