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artificial intelligence

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Using Narrow Artificial Intelligence, the Rolaxit team designs, builds and implements projects and solutions for many applications.

Narrow AI is all around us and is easily the most successful realization of artificial intelligence to date. With its focus on performing specific tasks, Narrow AI has experienced numerous breakthroughs in the last decade.

Click the icon to visit the chatbots collection for activities in many fields of activity: banking and insurance, pharmacies, clothing stores, car dealers, law firms, etc.

Social Media - sentiment analysis

BARK – software package for Sentiment analysis –  an automated process capable of understanding the feelings or opinions that underlie a text.

With sentiment analysis tools, restaurants, hotels, travel agencies,  retail stores, internet providers, and airlines – which are often the most called-out industries on social media – can quickly detect dissatisfied customers, categorize issues by urgency, and prioritize responses. 

Ongoing social media sentiment analysis can alert you quickly when customer preferences and desires change.Social sentiment analysis tools can help ensure you are on top of changes in what your audience expects from your brand.


rule-based chatbot



MARKhelps marketers better understand customers and improve customer experiences.

AI-powered marketing enables marketers to create a predictive customer analysis and design customer journey more targeted and individually tailored, which effectively increases ROI on each customer contact.AI marketing use cases include:
  • data analysis
  • natural language processing
  • automated decision making
  • content generation
  • real-time personalization

Banking - Financial

ABAC – Autonomous Broker with Automatic Control is a Contextual Assistants.

The decision to approve a loan, whether it be a consumer, mortgage, or commercial loan, opens a financial institution to risk. Lenders can use artificial intelligence, like ABAC  and other tools, to help make decisions and negate that risk .

The current benefits of loan machine learning in lending are the following:

  • reduction of non-performing loans
  • boost in the loan portfolio
  • expansion of customer market, including thin-file borrowers
  • effective debt collection and customer behavior prediction, etc.


medical bot

ISAR – Artificial intelligence  can help insurers assess risk, detect fraud and reduce human error in the application process.

The result is insurers who are better equipped to sell customers the plans most suited for them. Customers benefit from the streamlined service and claims processing that AI affords.

Image/video analysis using AI is a relatively new method for fraud detection that has become feasible after the recent major improvements in computer vision technology.

Chatbots are providing innovation and real added value for the insurance industry.


Diag22 is utilizing collaborative data sharing and applied clinical analysis to reduce the number of misdiagnosed patients throughout the world.

The company’s proprietary technology utilizes a framework that combines advanced data science and artificial intelligence to sort through existing diagnostics to provide practitioners with more accurate symptom data when making a decision that will have a major impact on a patient’s life.

Also smart assistants, chatbots, designed by Rolaxit Innovation can:

Schedule appointments, Checking for symptoms, Enhancing patient experience,  Helping with therapy, Coverage and claims, support


Education - Training

transcription audio to text on mobile

AIDA – Artificial Intelligence for Document Administration,

AIDA can help teachers create smart content that makes teaching and learning more comfortable for them and the students, respectively.

Text summarization is a task of compressing long text into short one meanwhile keeping up the central idea. Automatic text summarization is one of the core tasks in natural language processing (NLP) and information retrieval.The text summary method can be classified into two paradigms: extractive and abstractive. The extractive method extracts the important sentences or a section of text from the original text and combines them to form a summary , while the abstractive method will generate novel words which do not exist in the source text and while retaining the original meaning

Human Resources

HUR – From screening applicants to maintaining databases, arranging interviews, and addressing and resolving contestant queries, AI reduces the time and effort required to complete these and other boring activities.

The AI-assisted recruitment will aid in the selection of a candidate that meets the majority of the company’s standards. As a result, the screening procedure is simple, quick, and deserving.

These automatic chatbots handle the newly recruited employees and assign them jobs and positions as per their job profile. It will choose the finest and most deserving individual who exactly matches the job description.


human resources


transcription on mobile

HOST – Artificial intelligence is playing an increasingly important role in hospitality management, primarily because of its ability to carry out traditionally human functions at any time of the day.

This potentially means that hotel owners can save significant money, eliminate human error and deliver superior service.In particular, customer service is a vital part of the travel industry, with hotels often living and dying based on the way they treat their customers. With artificial intelligence, the possibilities for improving this aspect are almost endless, ranging from increased personalization to tailored recommendations.