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Artificial Intelligence services for the medical field

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Artificial Intelligence services for the medical field

Although biologically man remained unchanged, medicine was constantly advancing thanks to technology. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, nanotechnology, sensors, video collaboration or 3D printing are just a few of the recently adopted innovations that are fundamentally changing the world of healthcare. RolaxIT Innovation , a Romanian technology start-up, offers the medical field a package of services based on Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing. They improve patient interaction and simplify the management of medical information obtained through online or offline consultations.

Founded in 2019 by a Romanian entrepreneur with experience in the tech industry, RolaxIT Innovation focuses on the application of Conversational Artificial Intelligence in various economic fields, from justice to medicine. Conversational Artificial Intelligence has the ability to understand and process human language, but it is used primarily for English. RolaxIT aims to adapt this technology for the Romanian language and create an experience as fluent as possible.

Automatic transcription of conversations with patients

The pandemic has led to a significant increase in patients’ interest in online interaction with physicians. One of the largest medical networks in Romania has already announced that the number of virtual consultations has reached several tens of thousands, but increasing numbers are reported by both large providers and individual offices.

Recording online consultations, obviously with the consent of patients, is an important source of information for doctors. However, it is difficult for them to go through the hours of registration to look for a clue. At this level, RolaxIt intervenes, offering a technology that allows the automatic transposition of a conversation into text. Scriptoman is an automatic audio-video transcription service recently launched by RolaxIt Innovation that can be used successfully in the doctor-patient relationship.

Scriptoman quickly converts any audio-video file into a text document at a very low cost. Text files have the advantage that they can be easily archived and accessed, but most importantly they allow for quick keyword searches. Doctors can search in this file for items of discussions with patients,for which they would otherwise have to listen to recording hours. In text form, searches are intuitive and fast. To understand the specific language, in the Scriptoman platform can be uploaded specialized term: drug names, disease names, acronyms, etc. Moreover, the application constantly learns by analyzing processed texts.

For more details about Scriptoman go to: or read the article: Automatic transcription of audio recordings. 5 business benefits

Artificial Intelligence chatbot systems for scheduling and information delivery

The second proposal of RolaxIT Innovation for the medical sector is chatbot systems. In essence, a chatbot system is a chat (or voice) interface that allows interaction with users. They ask questions to the chatbot and get answers, simpler or more complex depending on the level of intelligence of the system.

In the medical field, one of the most common usage scenarios is scheduling consultations. Patients no longer interact with a human agent but with the chatbot system, which offers them options, depending on the availability of doctors, locations, specializations, etc. Afterwards, the chatbot registers the data in the reservation system, sends confirmation by email or phone, etc.

Studies show that 59.30% of patients tried to get a medical field clinic outside of business hours. Using a chatbot and not a human operator, a medical office can make appointments 24/7. Additionally, the chatbot system can handle multiple conversations at once, does not make mistakes in recording data, and the cost of implementation and administration is low. It is a technology that greatly simplifies and improves the implementation of programming.

RolaxIt chatbots can also be used to inform patients about their medication and treatment. Even if such conversations are generally complex, the chatbot can provide relevant information about certain medications, how to administer them, contraindications, etc. by exempting patients from internet searches.By using the Natural Language Processing and Natural Language Understanding algorithms, one can analyze patients’ medical documents and create sets of information that help diagnose and indicate treatments.

Contemporary medicine has an important technological component. However, it is not only about the latest generation of CT or MRI equipment but also about applications that simplify the interaction with patients and the way of obtaining and processing information. The services offered by RolaxIT have these objectives and are accessible to any healthcare provider, regardless of specialization and size. For more information contact us at [email protected] or visit

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