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About Us

                                               OUR PHILOSOPHY 

                                                      We bring the future today!

Our mission is to promote and develop Artificial Intelligence and facilitate its use in the economy and society.

With headquarters in London and Bucharest , RolaxIT is a unique combination of experts, from seniors with a remarkable past in mathematics and invention, to young talents in the field of Artificial Intelligence and neural network programming .

We are a young and vibrant company, focusing on the application of the latest technology in business. Our competencies cover web , chatbot , voicebot , mobile , Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning .

We are part of an international ecosystem and have partnerships with the most relevant names in the IT and Artificial Intelligence industry.

Headquartered in London and Bucharest

Rolaxit distributes the works in the areas where the users are, in order to increase the quality of the services it provides. At the same time, the costs of obtaining increased economic efficiency decrease, by reducing the response time to user requests.

tech culture
Advanced  tech culture

The main advantage of our team is the agility and desire to learn new technologies.

For us, agility means speed, the ability to effectively switch from one task to another, the ability to see a problem situation from a new angle, to abandon stereotypes and to offer unusual solutions.


Cross-platform experience

We create complex products using artificial intelligence, cloud solutions, machine learning and neural networksContinuous training is important, both for our business and for the business of our clients. You need a constant process of learning and applying new technologies to keep up with the times.

Certifications and Expertise

RolaxIT has a distributed team and relies on a large number of collaborators and partners. Thus we manage to cover the most diverse technical and business skills and to offer to the Romanian market high-performance chatbot systems but also adapted to the local specifics.

Programming 0
Data Structurw and Algorithms 0
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George Rusu

Mathematician, Entrepreneur and Investor. He is the mentor and binder of the RolaxIT team.

Executive Manager
Daniela Morar

It sets things in motion and makes the transition from idea to achievement.

Business Development
Elena Manailescu

She takes care of the details and makes sure that the actions are completed.

Gabriel Vasile

If we do what we say, we are responsible for what we do.