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8 Recommendations to keep for implementing a chatbot

8 Recommendations to keep for implementing a chatbot


The popularity of chatbots is growing. There is a lot of recommendations  and communication on this topic (over 9 million responses to a simple Google search for the keyword “chatbot”), but the content available online is mainly focused on the area of ​​benefits that can be obtained using such solutions. The problem with this type of message is that, on the one hand, it sets unrealistic expectations among potential end customers, and on the other hand it does not help them understand how to prepare for a future implementation.

For this reason, because we want to have as many knowledgeable interlocutors as possible, we’ve outlined some recommendations that you need to keep in mind before actually moving on to implementing a chatbot solution.


Define the business issue you want to address with the chatbots.

Chatbots can be useful in many ways: they can interact with visitors to the company’s website; can automatically record the contact details of the interlocutors; I can take their feedback; can provide quick answers to common questions; can complete documents and forms in electronic format; can make appointments, reservations, etc. The range of options is wide and the level of specialization of the solutions is higher and higher – in the RolaxIT Bookstore find over 12o solutions, specialized in industries and fields of activity. To get the most out of them, the first step is to find out exactly what you want to fix using chatbots. Experts recommend that, in the first phase, you use chatbots to manage simple processes, and then increase their efficiency by adding new features and / or expanding the coverage area.

Identify the appropriate way to interact.

Let’s say, for example, that – after the problem definition step – you’ve identified the opportunity to use chatbots to lower the load level of the Customer Support department. The second step is to establish the categories of customers you expect to be served by chatbots – how old they are, how they contact you (directly from your site, from social networks, from partner sites, using a dedicated application, etc. ); which communication methods do you prefer (text or audio), which are the most used interaction channels (phone calls, email, instant messaging, social media, etc.). The more correct answers you have, the better your chances of getting a truly effective chatbot solution.

Integration with 3rd-party apps

Integrate the chatbot with your preferred 3rd-party applications like Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Sheets, and more. Generate leads, collect data and achieve maximum chatbot functionality. We provide support for native & custom integrations. Integrating with 3rd-party applications allows businesses to extract or workaround necessary data, analysis, and reports that are important to monitor trends and form business decisions. 

Multilingual conversations

As the business grows globally, more and more customers expect to interact with business in different languages and dialects of their choice. And for all online stores and businesses spreading worldwide who want to strengthen customer relationships, multilingual engagement becomes a necessity. Rolaxit chatbots can converse in more than 37 international languages providing a wide array of languages to select from. 

Security & privacy

With so many data breaches, your chatbot must be secure. It’s a good idea to have a fully transparent policy regarding the data bots, such as what they collect and exactly what it is used for. Users should also be given the option to opt-out of data collection (if desired), but make note that this will inhibit its ability to do progressive profiling. There a safe communication links.

Check the availability of the resources you need.

A well-trained chatbot can answer almost 80% of the usual questions asked correctly and efficiently. RolaxIT specialists can help your chatbots become more efficient and smart, but for that we need the right data for you.

For example, for starters, we can use existing sources, such as Frequently Asked Questions. FAQs) or internal databases, from which, with the help of intermediate tools, the data frequently requested by customers can be extracted.

However, all of these existing sources of information must be analyzed and verified before they can be used effectively to ensure that you do not misrepresent. Later, as the project grows, we can help you create new sources of dedicated “answers,”built according to the most frequently asked questions / requests and we can teach you how to constantly expand them.

It is an extra effort, but it will help reduce the load level of the support department.For the human chatbot interaction Rolaxit convert audio to text transcription or text to voice. Thus, the human can communicate with the chatbot by voice

Keep in mind that not all chatbots are created equal.

There are two main categories of chatbot solutions – the classic (“rule-based”) and the new generation (“AI-powered”). Each comes with specific advantages and disadvantages – classic chatbots are actually more “limited”, but they are cheaper, can be developed quickly and provide predictable levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction. AI-powered solutions are smarter, can meet more complex demands, but cost more and require more learning effort. The choice is yours, but it would be ideal to do it knowingly and depending on the specifics of the work scenarios – RolaxIT specialists can provide you with all the necessary information and recommendations in this regard.

Chatbots do not replace people or other solutions.

Although we would like to tell you that it is the solution to all your company’s problems. automate routine processes, reduce human error, etc. Also, a chatbot, no matter how advanced and intelligent, will not be able to replace an ERP system, CRM, an application for making reservations, setting up consultations, etc. It can integrate with them – depending on the desired usage scenarios – but will not be able to provide similar functionality. And by the way, this is not their job – chatbots have the role of helping you to be more efficient and productive using the same resources.

Recommendations: In conclusion, when you consider the idea of ​​” hiring ” a chatbot in the company, you are not only wondering how much it costs and if it can meet your requirements, but also how prepared you are to use it effectively.