Unleashing the Power of Transcription: 5 Essential Business Benefits to Boost Productivity and Accelerate Decision-Making


Unleashing the Power of Transcription: 5 Essential Business Benefits to Boost Productivity and Accelerate Decision-Making

When it comes to automation, people think of Ford production lines or Uipath software robots .Here I present 5 business benefits of transcription.  However, it ignores a simple area, such as automatic transcription of audio recordings. The first voice recorders (see below for a video of the first human voice record, made on April 9, 1860) were a technological revolution of their time, and later pocket recorders became representative of the journalistic profession. In recent decades, however, digital technology has made audio recordings ubiquitous content in almost any business. However, automatic transcription of records is potentially used. Here there are  5 business benefits
This is where Scriptoman , the automatic audio transcription service developed by RolaxIT , comes into play . Translated into text format, audio or video files offer a much higher value and are easy to archive, access and search. The process is simple and fast, but especially accessible to anyone in the form of a cloud service, with payment depending on usage. (per transcript time)business benefits

What are the business benefits of using Scriptoman, the service for automatically transcribing audio recordings to audio recordings in business?

1. Extended applicability . Audio recordings are a staple in areas such as Call and Contact Center, radio and television, conferences and webinars, justice, training, media, and more. Both the legal requirements and the need to exploit the information on other channels or in other lines of business are justified. In most cases, audio recordings are archived in this format or transcribed manually. In both cases, the costs are high, and some companies either do not store all the audio recordings or exploit the information contained therein. Using Scriptoman eliminates manual processing and allows you to archive information in text format, which is much easier to index.2. High time and efficiency gain . Transcribing an audio or video recording is time consuming, especially in niche areas where specialized language is more difficult to understand. Practical experience shows that 4-5 hours of actual work are required for one hour of recording for a correct transposition in text format. Some specialists may do this faster, but if more voices overlap or the recording quality is reduced, the time may be even double. Equally important is the availability of resources, which makes the delivery of transcripts slower in reality. Scriptoman completes this process in a much shorter time, about ½ of recording time, as soon as the files are uploaded, with a 24/7 program.3. Reduced cost. Automation makes such a service cost a fraction of the cost of using a human operator. Scriptoman can be used both as a subscription (recommended for sporadic use) but also with a perpetual license, installed on the beneficiary’s server (physical or cloud).4. Quality delivery. A modern texttospeech service has a recognition rate of 90-95%. The specificity of the Romanian language makes it more difficult to transcribe due to the stricter orthographic and orthoepic norms. However , the technology used by RolaxIT allows Scriptoman to achieve a score of 96% and even higher, by using lists of keywords, acronyms, etc.5. Quick search for information . Searching in an audio-video archive is complicated, which is not the case with text. Translating metadata allocation and complex indexing into text files simplifies this search operation on Google. The information is thus quickly accessible and can be exploited in the most diverse business analyzes. The decision-making process suffers in many companies because it is based only on transactional data (existing in business applications: ERP, CRM, etc.) and not on unstructured data collected from customers.Using an automatic audio transcription service is a necessary step in digitizing many areas of activity.   Scriptoman integrates an already mature technology and is a service accessible to any company and with benefits that are easy to evaluate and quantify. It is not yet a perfect service (human operators are not either) but it offers a good level of recognition, even if several speakers participate. It can be improved by using Artificial Intelligence functionalities but especially it is available in 24/7 mode, which is a real advantage.If your area of ​​business involves audio recordings (telephone conversations with clients, conferences, webinars, courses, meetings, telephone questionnaires, etc.) using Scriptoman to automatically transcribe audio recordings and translate them into text format is very helpful. Now that you’ve learned how easy it is to use and what the benefits are, if you’re considering a specific usage scenario, we’ve got you covered.  .