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April 2022

They are docile, they learn quickly, they work overtime, they don't ask for extra money for overtime and no rest, free or "medical" holidays. With such qualities, it is no wonder that chatbot systems have begun to be "employed" everywhere: from banks and insurance companies, universities and hospitals, to restaurants, hotels and travel agencies....

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Chatbots - Rolax IT

This is a simple question that we hear from most customers. It is justified by the curiosity about a new technology, but especially by the desire to understand the financial effort involved in using a chatbot and a cushioning projection. Obviously, the structure and cost of a chatbot can vary greatly, depending on the goals of the recipient. Because the chatbot is not a plug and play product, building one involves...

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HR chatbot

However, the new work pattern generates a wave of new interactions between employees and employers. Human resources are in most cases the hub that connects the entire organization and to which most of the employee requests are addressed. Unfortunately, this hub is poorly digitized, and 70% of HR departments’ working time is spent on administrative and transactional tasks (according to ), ie responding to requests and completing documents....

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